Saturday, April 5, 2014


Do I even get to call it acceptance, if my kids don't even know there is any other option? Well, they know some people are bigoted against people who are different. They know some people think a man and a man should not be allowed to be married or that some people think African-Americans aren't as good as white people. What they don't know is, why that bigotry exists and I certainly can't tell them why. I do not know why people chose to be bigoted, why people chose to think there is only one right way to live, why people think people have a choice about who they are.

I know this: I can raise my kids in a home where love is always the first response. I can hope they take that with them when they leave.

Today we watched the HoneyMaid commercial and as we watched it I stopped it for each family's part. I asked my five year old, "What is happening here?" for each scene. Below are her answers for the ones that, I assume, seem to be causing all the uproar: 

What is happening here?

I hope these commercials that show a variety of families will normalize these normal families. I hope that they teach that love is what makes a family, not matching skin tones or opposite genders. I hope my kids will always see nothing more than a family when they look at photos or real people who have chosen or been blessed to be together. 

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  1. One of the things that still catches my attention and makes me smile is the contrast in fingers when I hold my wife's hand, with my very pasty pale fingers and her dark brown ones. 14 years married and it still makes my heart melt every time I spot it.


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