Saturday, April 5, 2014

Whose Kid Is This Anyway?

I am not a girly-girl, although I would love to be one! I am likely a little too low maintenance and since having two kids my minimal requirements for upkeep have gotten even lower. I am not sure I have what it takes to teach Kegan all the ins and outs of dress up, make up, hair styling, and certainly not nail painting*.

Zulily has Jelly the Pug clothes on sale right now for crazy cheap prices. I cannot get over how totally adorable these outfits are and I am desperate to buy them for someone. Kegan loves dresses and longer shirts with leggings...Kegan!! I showed the photos to my husband and my dear friend, Sophie, hoping for the same level of enthusiasm I was displaying. (Somewhere between "Must Buy Now! Must Buy Now! and "Add To Cart! Add To Cart! And Add To Cart! Now!") My girlfriend brought the first level of disappointment: "They are too flowery for me." Then my husband closed the deal with, "Those are clothes you would have worn as a kid, they are cute, but are too busy for Kegan's taste."

Slamming my head against my keyboard (Only metaphorically, I didn't want to risk damage to the keys in case someone would tell me Kegan loved these clothes and I needed to place an emergency order!), I announced, "I will show them to her in the morning and see what she thinks!

Who wouldn't love these clothes?
The conversation that followed the viewing of such lovely clothes was as follows:
Me:  What do you think of these clothes?
Kegan: Who are they?
Me: Just models, what do you think of the clothes?
Kegan: I like them!

(Me (inner monologue): Yay! Time to shop! Time to shop!)

Me: I like them too! Dad and Aunt Sophie thought you wouldn't like them.
Kegan (in a ponderous and quite perplexed voice): I think I like other clothes.
Me: I thought you said you like them?
Kegan: I don't.
Me: Then why did you say you liked them?
Kegan (again in the perplexed voice!): I don't know, I think I lost my mind.

So much for someone in this house living up to some gender stereotypes! Maybe I did too good of a job being gender neutral and accepting? 

*Kegan's Dad can at least take care of nail painting lessons as he has to paint mine on the rare occasions I decorate my nails.

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  1. I like them. My middle son doesn't like spots, though. Many a dress-shopping trip spoiled by that.


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