Saturday, April 5, 2014

What Does Public Mean?

The other day as we were out, I mentioned, "Oh we are near the public library."

Kegan asked, "What does public mean?"

I said, "It means it is open to everyone."

She said, "So anyone can go there, no matter what color they are, if they are white or black or Asian. No matter what religion they are or what beliefs they have."

I was so proud that she understands how important it is to be aware of being fair and accepting of others despite our differences. I know, her understanding of the word "public" doesn't necessarily mean she actually does get it. But we preach that a lot and I think she is getting it. I think Kegan knows we always have more similarities with others than differences and we need to respect others.

I added, "No matter if they are a boy, girl, boy-girl, girl-boy. No matter if they have lots of education or hardly any education, No matter if they are rich with lots of money or poor with hardly any money."

I hope our kids belief that all people are worthy of love will always sway their hearts and lead them in their decisions. I hope they always have public for everyone.

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