Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Waiting

I don't know how many more times we will have to do this...but I am seriously hoping it is not many. I just sent another email to a friend about Kegan being a girl. All the main players know, i.e., relatives, close friends, neighbors,  people who we see at least once a year. The people who needed to be told because we see them or talk to them frequently or at least frequently-ish know and have known. 

There are a handful of people who we keep in touch with sporadically who do not know. Some of them I may or may not tell...I guess it will depend on whether or not we "catch up" again at some point. Then there are the people who I count as friends, but don't manage to keep in close contact with. The people who if push came to shove I could call and get help with some crisis or who could call us and get help with their crises. So we are friends, but distantly, but in a pinch the distance would shortened dramatically if needed. Some of those people don't know. 

It feels weird to not know what the expected reaction is from them. I mean, if we are friends you would think I would have a good understanding of their outlook on many big issues. However, it seems for some of them I don't. Anyway, I just sent an email to a friend who I text with a few times a month, who I love and know she loves me, who has been there during other challenges in my life, and who I have helped her in difficult times. But we don't connect that often...partially because of physical distance, partially due to the crazy schedules of moms, and partially due to laziness, I guess. 

Anyway, I sent the email....and within ten minutes of hitting send I have refreshed my email two times, double checked that it sent, and checked for a text message from her. As well as sent her a text to tell her I sent an email (because apparently I am an old lady!). Clearly, she could not have even read the lengthy email in ten minutes, assuming she even happened to see a new email popped up! And yet...I will be neurotically checking and refreshing until I hear from her. Because that is how it goes...the waiting is long. It is just long. 


  1. (((hugs))) Good luck! I hope you hear from her soon. I've only told a handful of people about Jeremy but he agreed to have a picture posted of him with his hair all done up and I commented that he brought his favourite perfume with him to go camping... and I've posted a few cartoons and articles about gender non-conforming youths.

    Waiting is definitely hard.

  2. Thank you! I heard back this afternoon! She said Kegan is amazing and so are we! This was a friend I did not want to lose! Yay, yay, yay! Thank you for the note and good wishes!!

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad you got such a great response :)

  3. I nominated you for the Lovely Blog award recently and just got a head's up that no one got ping backs for the award, so I'm offering a belated congratulations! The information is here:


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