Friday, March 28, 2014

Are We Enough?

I keep telling myself Kegan has a safe home environment, an environment that never questions who he/she is and that is enough to protect Kegan. Even though the world and even extended family members may be against Kegan for being Kegan, home is safe and that can be life saving.

No matter what challenges and obstacles Kegan faces in the world, he/she will always have a safe home to come back to. But what if that isn't enough? I just read that transgender people have an even higher murder rate than gay and lesbian people. What if my child, one day, can't make it home in time?

My gosh, our world is harsh and I fear so much for my baby. I worry about the neighbors seeing this often covered in mud and barefoot kid walking out in a sundress this spring. Literally, the other day, Kegan wanted to get the mail and it was a rare nice day aka the neighbor kids might be outside. I was panicked about my child being spotted and laughed it.

We have told our family and many friends about Kegan being bigender. But I still need to tell our quite working-class, hunter neighbors. Soon, like last week, before any more "sunny and warm in the 50's" days happen.

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