Saturday, September 20, 2014


Last night as I was hugging Kegan good night, I started playing with her hair and realized her hair is at that almost long enough to put into a super short ponytail or pigtails. I said, "You know what? I think your hair is almost long enough," and before I could finish she said, "To put it into a ponytail?!?!"

I don't know why her enthusiasm surprised me, I mean this girl is so all about looking like a girl. I don't think we have talked much about her "hair plans" beyond my hopes to finally master a good French braid for her.  I don't think I realized that she may be thinking about long hair and how to fix it.

This morning we pulled together two super cute pigtails. They are the ones that basically stick straight out with mismatched lengths of hair giving them that chunky, choppy look that I think looks as cute on a six year old as a hipster 16 year old. (Not so much on a 40 year old Mama though!) She still needs barrettes for the front and sides and it is messy, but she loves it. I will have to see how I can finesse it into acceptable for out and about...but it does look so cute. And she rocks it.

Just another otherwise simple milestone that seems so huge.

I am off to find some bobby pins. (Kidding. Not kidding.)


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